Cats Can Be Opportunities for Awakening, or They Can Be Annoying

I have two cats, Ingrid and Olivia.  My partner and I adopted them from the San Francisco SFCA last August, when they were only 4 months old.  As can be expected of kittens, they are full of energy and need to explore everything, sometimes repeatedly (such as climbing the curtains).  I also dabble in Zen Buddhism.  I say “dabble” since while I am drawn to Buddhist philosophy, and find a lot in it that makes sense to me and gives me peace, I don’t practice it very often, as I am just too lazy, and not all that disciplined when it comes to meditating.

However, I’m searching for employment in the library profession and have plenty of time on my hands to do so. I’ve found that I can get caught up in the logistics of the job search, and the resulting anxiety.  Does my resume look good? Does my cover letter look good? Did I say the right thing in my email to a potential contact?  Am I doing the right things in searching for a job (i.e., if I’m looking for job postings should I be networking instead, and if I’m networking should I be doing something else)?  The anxiety caused by the logistics feeds upon itself, and if not checked can lead to stress and sleepless nights.  However, anxiety, stress and sleepless nights do not lead to a job.

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Educational Excitement

Gentle readers,

So far, this has been an interesting week as far as school goes. I’ve managed to come up with three model lesson plans for my class on Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals (LIBR 250), including one that is an online Knowledge Building Center (think Moodle). It has been a real challenge, but an interesting one. I definitely feel that it is changing the way I think about how people learn and understand, and the best ways for teaching.

I’m also learning about marketing for my class on how to be an Independent Information Professional. This week’s class is focusing on marketing which includes (drum roll please) blogging, and the ins and outs of web-based and email-based marketing.  As I am learning, marketing is a full-time job.

In other school news, today we covered ethics of equal access in my archives class.  I always find ethics to be interesting as it gets me from thinking simplistically.  It’s kind of fun to analyze the ins and outs of a given situation.  It also helps to discuss my thoughts with other people.  This kind of ties in with my “Instructional Strategies” class whose focus is on building collective intelligence.

Now I’m off to work on my marketing assignment, which I will tell you all about when I’m done.