Do You Love Stories?

I Love Stories
One of the stickers the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library was handing out to story-loving passersby

Last Sunday (June 12, 2011, to be exact), I had a fun old time volunteering at the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library’s booth at the Haight Ashbury Street Fair, an annual tradition that takes place not from my house.

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Eco Library Cards in San Francisco

Hello Readers,

Here’s a fun one. San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) has recently introduced eco library cards, made of corn starch They’re free for new members and $1.00 for current members.
As the author of the blog points out (click here or on the title of this post), libraries have always promoted free, re-usable materials, so why not the card as well?
It makes perfect sense, and I’m all for environmentally friendly measures, but I also remember receiving a paper library card from my local NYPL branch in the Bronx, waaayyy back in the 70s and 80s. I wonder if there may be room for paper library cards to make a comeback? It would be environmentally friendly and totally retro!